Dum and Dummer, Just Plane Stupid — March 11, 2019 at 11:20 am

AOC – An Actress Playing the Part


She's an Actress, a Hollywood Implant Manifestation

This is how the lefties, the libtard Democratics manage their politics today.

Developing brands, Congress operates as puppets behind dangerous sponsors. They are not interested in an argument. They don't tolerate constructive criticism. They do not compromise. In fact, they are causing incongruent politics, it simply doesn't fit in our culture.

The Demon Rats want to win a war and are prepared to do or say anything to win. They always choose women of color to front the campaign because then they can call anyone who disagrees with them a racist or sexist etc.

Nonetheless, they are stirring unrest in the Jewish community and dismantling our national heritage.

One Viewpoint, the Message is "Communism"

Soften the communist image by re-branding it with political nonsense packaged with a charismatic voice. The message must be exposed as such. They live in a closet but once in a while they venture out long enough to be embarrassed back into the closet but they will never fade away.

Fortunately, they run from the light like cockroaches.

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