California Sh*thole, Featured — August 27, 2021 at 9:21 am

California Leading the Nation to Blast Off in a National Political Explosion


Photo Credit to Ben Garrison.

California has gone AWOL again

The glossy celebrities that represent Sh*thole Hollywood, bask in the limelight as California goes to hell. Woke has turned them into “stupid” undesirables. Do not worry Barbra Streisand, it is just a repeat of flashy California history. We have had enough of the hyperbole. Perhaps “Californianos” will vote to replace “Greenlight” Gavin Newsom and local politicians because it’s time for a permanent transition to common sense?

Recall Gavin Newsom – Back to the Future

There is a national dissatisfaction,” said Curtis B. Gans, the director of the Committee for the Study of the American Electorate in Washington. ”I see it most clearly in things like registration figures, in which over the last 30 years, Democratic Party registration has declined from the mid-’40s of the eligible electorate down to the low 30’s, and Republican registration has increased in the South but declined elsewhere. The electorate is very deeply and partisanly polarized, and there is a dissatisfaction with this type of politics, which yields very little but inaction on a whole series of relevant issues. Sept. 21, 2003 – The Nation: Golden Rules; As California Goes, So Goes the Country?

Biden and Pelosi join the Fray and enjoy the inclusive Punishment Coming Upon Them

As California Goes Righteous, So Goes the Country?

We decided to post an interesting article that pushes hard to warn about impending doom for the Democrats. It is too late! California has a flashy history of trends to preview America’s political future. Californians tend to get giddy for recalls and this one is no exception to a new blockbuster coming to a theatre (state-wide elections) near you.

READ MORE: What California’s Recall Election Says About America, by Edward-Isaac Dovere

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