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Hoaxes and a Secret Impeachment Trial, a political witch hunt


The very smart Democrats set up Trump behind closed doors and now they want to impeach him in secret.

As stated by Jesse Watters, the game being led by Adam Schitt is a prime example of lunatics from the swamp committing more hypocritical atrocities than Trump.

Archrival Nancy Pelosi is not going to remove the President because they do not have control of the Senate. The Republicans will not kowtow to her ridiculous antics.

In fact, the 'lefties' have taken it too far. Moderate Democrats, independent voters and minorities are moving away from sinister progressive agendas. Without any evidence to put up, the only option is to shut up which does not appear likely as their next step.

Sadly, millions of people living in coastal communities bordering two oceans approve of fake news. Adam Schitt continues to lie about collusion after two years of investigation. Incoming reality checks from better sources are not going to sway their votes.

Nonetheless, as the economy and employment improve, moderate voters are not likely to shift to socialist agendas proposed by all challengers in the elections coming up in 2020.

The way things are going, the Democrats are right on track to lose control in the House in 2020 but they persist to act recklessly and without remorse. Too bad.

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