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Senator Cory Booker’s “Spartacus” Moment


Cory Booker compares himself to 'Spartacus,' but expressed no regrets

What a wonderful theatrical performance. Senator Cory Booker, performing as Spartacus, belongs on a high school stage. Evidently, Senator Booker decided to grandstand in front of cameras as a presidential hopeful at a serious Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, one of the most cautious members of the high court, took a swipe at Booker in an interview which aired on C-SPAN.

From last week, Justice Clarence Thomas: "Honorable – if we could use that word about more people who are in public life, people who actually ask the questions at confirmation hearings, instead of 'Spartacus'…"

What rules did Senator Booker violate?

He obtained approval prior to his ridiculous antics not becoming of a U.S. Senator. On prime time, doesn't Senator Booker have a brighter way to gain noteworthy attention of his constituents?

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