California Sh*thole, Featured — October 19, 2020 at 3:47 pm

Senator Pelosi is a Fake Liberal


Senator Pelosi, Clean Up Your S. F. Backyard


A Flaming Liberal Would Never Permit such Irresponsible Behavior

Powerful politicians like Senator Nancy Pelosi are ruining lives. She refuses to solve the homeless crisis happening right before our eyes in America.

California Dreaming

Living in California can seem like a dream for many people…until they get there.

Walking down the streets in civic centers, even on a Sunday morning, is stressful when you can see life below the poverty line and smell the stench billowing from the streets and sidewalks.

Most people feel lucky if they are not greeted or asked for money by dozens of homeless people. Look and observe the encampments on, over, or under bridges. Notice the trash consisting of needles and human waste all over the place. Frustratingly, the whole mess diminishes the ambiance of the famous Embarcadero in once-pristine San Francisco, California.

It goes without saying that having all that waste out there, watching people urinating, or defecating in plain view is not only an ugly sight to see, it is toxic and considered hazardous waste which violates health standards that have obviously not been enforced by cities for decades. It is depressing that politicians have not taken the initiative to find permanent solutions.

“How can one of the largest economies in the world like California have such filthy and stinky streets?” A group of people might answer, “It’s because of the homeless,” another group would say, “It’s because of lackadaisical government and city politics.”

Many locals have said that they have reported the issue so many times that they do not bother in pointing it out anymore. From an outsider’s perspective, this seems to be the same meandering attitude coming from powerful politicians like Senator Pelosi.

Senator Nancy Pelosi calls San Francisco her home. As a member of the Democratic Party, she has been serving as Speaker of the House since 2019. Pelosi is the highest-ranking female elected official in United States history. She is second in the line of presidential succession after the vice president of the United States.

Nancy Pelosi Mansion with a Wall
Nancy Pelosi Mansion with a Wall

What Do the People Think?

Evidently, the answer depends on the person who is asking, but it is becoming clearer who is to the blame for these issues.

An outsider may think that people living in San Francisco are continually looking for a way to fix a dreary situation, but in the real world, the urban natives are used to it or they would have cleaned up their storefronts, parks, streets, and sidewalks by now. The mess started decades ago, and it is getting worse. Tangible long-term solutions are not being considered for implementation.

The stark reality is that the local communities would have demanded stronger law enforcement and pressured their national, state, and local politicians to solve the homeless crisis already.

A Deeper Issue

The voters tolerate coastal elitists like Senator Nancy Pelosi. Take a closer look at how Senator Pelosi devours one of her own CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. How can a progressive community, especially in San Francisco, tolerate such disrespectful behavior?

She does not listen, nor does she provide clear and definite solutions to pull the country out of the deadly COVID crisis, an epidemic of global proportions. Sadly, she is second in the line of presidential succession.

Her antics worsen the plight of the homeless by adding more people to the streets who lost their homes and jobs. Family and loves ones are being ripped apart because politicians like Senator Nancy Pelosi refuse to cooperate with President Trump and the Republican Party, the majority in power. It’s not about you Nancy.

Short-term housing is a temporary solution.

Living in overpriced hotels is a lousy situation. The homeless do not get the medical attention and psychiatric care they need. Job recruiters are reluctant to offer jobs because of leadership fumbling against the homeless about job training. To make matters even worse, recovery options are not offered either resulting in a complete waste of taxpayer dollars.

Can’t they see? The homeless have enough problems coping with temporary solutions!

Voters, Take Charge!

At any time, the voters can take charge by holding prima donnas like Senator Pelosi accountable. Get the homeless off the streets. Please, give the homeless the proper care they should deserve – only in America.

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