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Rescue California

There are many tales to tell but let's begin our adventure with looney-tunes California.

Once highly-regarded as the Golden State, it has devolved into a sh*thole. Degenerates have taken over the state. For several decades, they have ruled like a dictatorship and forced Californians into POW camps to comply under ridiculous governance.

Use extreme caution. Take breaks between sessions.

We are Super Smart!

How can elected politicians be so damn dumb?

Snake-oil sales politicians are convincing to ignorant voters.

When they beg for money and kowtow to interest groups before every election, they are remarkable.

When it's time to deliver on their promises, they don't even bother to show up to meetings. And, when they do, we hear b.s. in spades. They evade serious questions, spout boiler-plate answers and off they go back to their golf clubs to mingle with the in-crowd.

It is our responsibility to apply pressure on government bureaucrats to improve their performance and reliability. Did you know that 30-40% of ordinances are created by non-elected regulators and municipal court judges?

It is an arduous process but the target is aimed back on our elected officials to reduce regulations, government red tape, and intrusive bureaucracy.

It is our responsibility as voters to keep track of our elected officials. Keep them on their toes!

Want to give your child the best education?
Volunteer and join the local PTA!
Hold the principal and teachers accountable! Keep it non-political.


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