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Trump lobs a Torpedo against Looney Democrats


If the Shoe Fits, it's Hillary's Conundrum

Pelosi and her cronies have 'hypocrites" stamped across their foreheads when it comes to her party getting caught spying.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., not paying attention to the biggest trash heap in her own backyard in San Francisco, accused POTUS of a "criminal coverup" in terms of his conduct during the Russia investigation, Trump said that "it's a fascist statement, it's a disgraceful statement."

Think backwards to recall what happened, Hillary Clinton with the money that ultimately went to Russia for the fake dossier, the totally fake pile of stuff....and the amount of money that was paid and was paid by Hillary Clinton and the DNC and it went to Russia, that's the criminal," says President Trump.

Torch the flame in Deplorable terms, Ned Stark was a great man but the guillotine was right next to him, totally undemocratic. Enters Mark Levin.

Read More: Mark Levin Zaps the Democrats | Fox News Insider, Trump slams 'nervous Nancy' Pelosi for accusing him of 'criminal cover-up': It's a 'fascist,' disgraceful statement

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